SAROST S.A celebrates the triumph of Supclay, the best young company in the MENA region at Injaz Al Arab.
The ceremony held on March 7, 2024, in honor of the Supclay team from the National School of Engineers of Tunis (ENIT), winner of the award for the best young (university) company in the MENA region at the YEC INJAZ Al-Arab 2023 awards ceremony, which took place from February 17 to 20 in Qatar, is a vibrant testimony to the excellence of Tunisian higher education and the unparalleled ingenuity of our country's students.
The ceremony began with inspiring opening session from Mr. Mohamed TOUMI, President of INJAZ Tunisia, followed by enlightening presentations from INJAZ Tunisia and Supclay. The Supclay team presented their innovative project, based on the revolutionary and energy-efficient use of clay as a substitute for cement, the manufacturing process of which is highly energy-intensive. This project embodies the fusion of roots in tradition, academic excellence, and Tunisian entrepreneurial ingenuity. This major advancement in the field of sustainable construction demonstrates the ability of young Tunisians to address the most pressing challenges of our time while positively contributing to wealth creation.
At SAROST S.A, as part of our social and environmental policy and as a committed member since the inception of INJAZ TUNISIA Association, we are proud to support initiatives like this one, which encourage innovation and creativity among young entrepreneurs. We will continue to work closely with INJAZ TUNISIA to support young talents and help them realize their potential.
Once again, congratulations to the Supclay team for this outstanding achievement!